5G and IoT in Retail, Healthcare, Homes and Cities

by Chris Medina | at MinneBar 14 | 2:50 – 3:35 in Discover | View Schedule

Today's world is experiencing in the 4th phase of the Industrial Revolution more globalization and technology than ever before. A global phase where machines can talk to each other and people interact with data through connected devices like a Fitbit, a sensor on a road or in their car, or sensors that can help detect cancer or diabetes. These capabilities are just the tip of the iceberg as a new wave of innovation begins and 5G is ushered in. 5G is the next generation of cellular service upgrading from the existing 4G or LTE services. The speed of delivery and scale will enable devices to scale experiences, data and content in ways that we have never seen before and at a cost that allows for everyday use.
IoT is the Internet of Things, the ability to connect devices that allow for access and provide data which in turn creates knowledge and information. Data that can now use the full-scale capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Predictive data sciences.
IoT is impacting virtually every market and every vertical in one way or another. Retail will see IoT contribute to the ease of shopping with no check-out lines and predictive maintenance in Smart Products allowing them to live longer, become more effective in our lives and become more efficient. Healthcare is booming with IoT by connecting devices to a lightning fast 5G network to provide data to the gaps in the health ecosystem that is patient care. From Smart medication management, to IoT health patches that can detect up to 20 different proteins in a patient sweat, and even Telemedicine; the ability to read data and act upon it due to the connectivity of IoT health devices will forever change the way Providers and Care Facilities tend to patient's needs.
Smart homes will become part of the everyday family ecosystem as builders and designers create homes of the future that can allow for 'closed home networks' and smart capabilities that augment and enhance a Family's everyday life. Smart lighting will ensure no energy is wasted, Smart heating will always be available, when someone is home and Smart cameras and Smoke alarms can connect to 911 to ensure the fastest response possible in the event of an emergency.

This session will dive into the various use cases in the areas of Smart Retail, Healthcare, Homes & Cities. It will also dive into how 5G is different and why it will drive the next generation of a Connected World.

Clovity is a San Francisco Based IoT company that proves its connected technology through the deployment of its proprietary accelerator called CSensorNet. www.clovity.com


Chris Medina

Chief Strategy Officer for Clovity IoT IoT Geek www.clovity.com chrism@clovity.com