Live Junior Dev Mentoring

by Mpls Jr Devs, Carla Brady, Kam Kubesh, Mai Yer Lee, Sarah Cooke, and Matt Decuir | at MinneBar 14 | 3:45 – 4:30 in Nokomis | View Schedule

Mpls Jr Devs is a community of aspiring and less experienced software engineers that was born at Minnebar in 2017. To celebrate our second birthday, we're engaging our audience in mentorship.

  • Mentorship builds meaningful connections to other individuals within the tech community.
  • Creating bonds through mentorship strengthens support networks.
  • Engaging mentors at every stage of your career curates stepping stones to new knowledge.
  • You do not need to be a master of all languages, frameworks, or skills; purely being open to sharing your experience with another is considered mentorship.
  • Empathy is greater than engineering; the most sturdy engineering solutions do not hold up to poorly-comprehended problems.

Whether you're self taught, went through a boot camp, studied CS in school, or are just interested in the topic, join us to talk about building mentorship opportunities in MN. We encourage both junior devs and people interested in mentoring to attend as there will be opportunity for those looking to mentor to introduce themselves and network with potential mentees.

This will be very casual and informal.

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Mpls Jr Devs

Mpls Jr Devs is a community of aspiring and less experienced software engineers that was born at Minnebar in 2017.

Carla Brady

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Kam Kubesh

Setting out to explore the world of development, recently enrolled in Prime Digital Academy Full Stack Engineering program. Excited to delve into coding adding another tool to my skill set.

I am a passionate designer who strives to collaborate directly with clients on creative challenges, using human centered engagement to uncover their needs. I have seen the tremendous potential in public interest design as a means for responding to natural disasters, designing sustainable systems, and creating widely accessible community resources.

On the side, I have a passion for bringing together people with common interest through various types of events with innovative speakers and rich attendee experiences. I aspire to start new conversations and spurring new collaborations to improving the lives of others.

Mai Yer Lee

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Sarah Cooke

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Matt Decuir

Matt (he/him) is a software engineer, entrepreneur, and Minnestar board member. Past projects include Invisible Network, Mpls Jr Devs, and OMG Transit.