The Preflight Checklist: lessons learned the hard way, so you can ship your app the easy way

by Andrew Haisting and Matt Schraan | at MinneBar 14 | 9:25 – 10:10 in Learn | View Schedule

You’ve muscled through a dozen sprints, you’ve sharpened your app with round after round of user testing, you’ve got QA signoff - and now, finally, you have the green light to submit your app to the app store.

You. Are. Ready. To. Ship.

But are you ready… really?

When building a digital product, those last few steps before launch can seem like a formality. Compared to the complexity of your product itself, it is quite easy to overlook the process of releasing to the app store.

But, if you’ve ever received an obscurely-worded app rejection notice from an app reviewer at Apple, had a twinge of doubt over whether your Android app would run properly after code obfuscation, or even just scrambled to find decent-looking screenshots at the last minute on launch day – you know well that there are dragons lurking all over the app store submission process.

In this session, you’ll hear practical tips, hard-earned lessons, and maybe even a few horror stories from our experiences shipping hundreds of releases over the years.

You’ll leave the session with Livefront’s Preflight Checklist, which is the tool we use to slay those product launch dragons. The Preflight Checklist is a comprehensive list of checks, TODOs, and other things you just flat out don’t want to forget when shipping a new app to the store.

With this simple list; you can ship early, ship often, and most importantly - ship with confidence.

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Andrew Haisting

Andrew writes, reviews, and ships top quality code at Livefront.

Matt Schraan

Matt Schraan leads Product Management at Livefront. At Livefront, Matt strives to always pay it forward.