Korean Skincare Intro #SELFCARE

by Eve Poeschl | at MinneBar 14 | 10:20 – 11:05 in Nevada | View Schedule

Do you want to know what the 10-step Korean skincare is? Do you want to know why the sun is bad and how you can avoid sun damage (other than not going outside)?

Wait what, why do you need 10 steps?

We will also take a look at the science behind how skincare ingredients work - pH levels, what works with what, and doesn't work with what, and why do people put snail mucus on their face?

There may be sheet masks and product demos. Like literally, putting stuff on your face. Come and put stuff on your face. (Putting stuff on your face is not required. 🤪)



Eve Poeschl

Eve's day job has always been technology and innovation-driven. She has worked as a Network Engineer, .NET developer, Product Owner, Business Analyst, and Solutions Architect. Currently she is the Director of Solutions Architecture at MentorMate where she enjoys providing technical consulting and guidance to clients and staying on top of current technologies and new trends. By night, Eve serves on the judging board for the Minnesota Cup high-tech division. She is a co-founder of MNClude - a safe and supportive community of individuals and peer groups in the Minnesota tech industry. She organizes monthly meetups around serverless technologies called Serverless MN. She's also a member of the Lunar Startups expert network where support and resources are given to underserved and underrepresented founders. Somehow she won a "40-under-40" award from the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal, maybe someone wires got crossed there. Eve likes the Minnesota Tech Community, talking about herself in the third person, eating at the hottest restaurants but not anymore because she's good at being socially distant, and many other random crazy hobbies that gets turned into tech-ajacent talks for Minnebar. Remember to vote and wear a mask!