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There Is No Blockchain, Just Computer Science Engineering (Why blockchain is made for Non-Profit)

by Bury Huang | 11:15 – 12:00 in Nevada | View Schedule

Blockchain may not be what you heard about.

You may be familiar with SHA-3, Kafka, Wasm etc. Do you know the "blockchain" umbrella is basically adding just one 40-years old technique to create a unique but powerful glue thus become a big thing? Other than that, there is NO blockchain. There is distributed database, messaging ordering, memory coherence protocol etc.

All the same old metrics apply: latency, concurrency and consistency etc.

Now the real value of blockchain is about the balance between technology and economics, business. A fine balance of this solution creates a unique but powerful economics systems between engineering and real world. A good marriage.

There are public chains, private chains, permissioned chains. Blockchain is a gigantic umbrella for many CS technologies. Don’t get scared, don’t despise, they are made of what you already know and for a reason.

Join me to explore what is blockchain, really. ​ (Bonous) Why blockchain is made for Non-Profit.


Bury Huang

A seasoned engineer, 17 years in the industrial, working on distributed storage, cloud service, blockchain. Specialized in system integration, bridging business and technologies.

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