Machine Learning: The Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything... or the End of Civilization As We Know It?

by Jessica Meyer, Anna Bliss, Dave Mathias, Ethel He, and Rudy Agovic | at MinneBar 14 | 9:25 – 10:10 in Bde Maka Ska | View Schedule

No matter your role we're all feeling the pressure to incorporate machine learning into everything we build with the promise of enhancing our lives and increasing the bottom line. While we work to understand the impact of machine learning some are already fearing the consequences. Join us for a live recording of the WiT Twin Cities Podcast where we discuss machine learning's impact on the world in a fishbowl format where the audience is invited to join the podcast and be apart of the conversation. For more information about WiT Twin Cities check us out here: link

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Jessica Meyer

Jessica Meyer is a Senior Data Scientist at Optum with more than five years of experience in the field of data science, big data, and machine learning working in both retail and healthcare industries. In her spare time she is an Adjunct Associate at Columbia University in the School of Professional Studies Analytics Program. She holds an M.S. in Data Science from the University of St. Thomas.

Anna Bliss

Anna Bliss is a Product Manager, podcaster, and community leader. Anna has worked in the tech arena for over 15 years taking a circuitous route to product management with roles ranging from business analyst to technical writer to project coordinator. These varied roles, along with some entirely unrelated to software development (such as theatrical scenic design) have built up a unique skill set that she wasn’t entirely sure how to integrate until she stumbled on product management. A liberal arts major at heart, Anna loves the interdisciplinary nature of the technology world. She is co-founder of the Twin Cities Product Community and co-host of the Women in Tech Twin Cities podcast.

Dave Mathias

Believer that the intersection of people, experience, process, data and technology drives maximum customer solutions. Entrepreneurial ventures around helping change data culture, Beyond the Data, and being customer focused, Customer Focus North. Otherwise doer of many things like MinneAnalytics, Ally People Solutions (soon to be CIP), Minnesota PDMA, Data Able podcast, Twin Cities Data Viz, Twin Cities Data Fluency, ProductCamp Twin Cities, and Customer Focus North.

Want to connect? Reach out on LinkedIn, @davemathias or

Ethel He

Ethel He is a Senior Analytics Analyst in Data and Decision Science at Best Buy E-commerce. With a bachelor degree in Business and a master degree in Analytics, Ethel enjoys the process of utilizing data science and analytics to help solve business questions.

Rudy Agovic

Machine learning scientist, co-founder and leader of a startup. Published at top-tier conferences in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Extensive experience in both developing algorithms and strategic planning in the fields of Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, Data Science, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.