Find Your Co-Founder! Job Fair Edition

by Ben J MacKinney | at MinneBar 14 | 11:15 – 12:00 in Georgia | View Schedule

Last year was such a success we decided to bring this back and make it a more open format.

If you have an idea to pitch or an active startup looking to grow the team, this is the event for you! Side projects and non-profits are also welcome. "Pitchers" will post up at tables and seekers will connect with interesting projects.

We will have tables organized roughly by industry to add some structure. Health and Wellness, Finance, Logistics, Marketplace, Entertainment, Hardware, Blockchain etc

It may speed up your communication to bring a resume and/or print a sheet with some highlights. Stage of startup/Idea - Just a business plan, have a prototype, growth stage Needs/asks - Want a CTO for a funded startup, looking for UX Designer for POC, Need a JS dev for a phonegap app Goal - Just for fun, Side Project, I will die on this hill, ETC

I was so impressed with the caliber of people involved last year that I am very hopeful we will see Minnedemo presentations this year from people who attend! We had everything from CTOs at large tech companies to current CEO's of multi-million dollar business looking to start a software company serving their industry.


Ben J MacKinney

Hi! Thanks for checking out my bio. Im an entrepreneur and advise startups. More than anything, I love to help people bring their ideas to life and help with strategic planning. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, product owner or marketer I'd love to connect and jam with you after the conference!

I love MINNESTAR and am a huge advocate for entrepreneurship and innovation as ways to change the world for good.

Looking forward to chatting!