Backdrop - A powerful open source CMS for small businesses and non-profits

by Tim Erickson | at MinneBar 14 | 11:15 – 12:00 in Cabin | View Schedule

Backdrop is an open source CMS that was forked from Drupal. Backdrop CMS falls somewhere between Wordpress and Drupal in terms of flexibility and features.

Backdrop has a clearly defined philosophy and principles targeted at small to medium sized businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, and companies or organizations who are in need of a comprehensive website, on a budget.

This will be a live demo of Backdrop CMS in action. On Jan 15th, 2019 we released the twelfth iteration of Backdrop and we've incorporated new features and usability improvements in every release.

We'll go over things like:

  • The awesome Layouts system
  • Config management
  • Similarities and differences with Drupal
  • What Drupal modules are available for Backdrop
  • How to upgrade from Drupal to Backdrop

We'll also talk about how to engage with the Backdrop community, get your questions answered, and how to contribute to this exciting project.


Tim Erickson

I'm a long time resident of the Twin Cities who is very active in the local, national, and international Drupal community. I've presented at several regional Drupal camps and national conventions and recently I've become very involved in the Backdrop CMS community.

I spent many years working in the area of online civic engagement with and have a strong interest in online communities. I'm a frequent participant at local hack-a-thons and Open Twin Cities.

I am the owner of Triplo. Triplo is a local Drupal Development shop that also provides mentoring and support services to local freelance internet designers and developers.