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VC Reverse Pitch- Learn a VC's investment criteria

by Rob Weber

Sick of pitching? Let's turn the tables so you can stop sweating it out over your pitch deck. I'll tell you what we look for, so you can decide whether your startup should get our investment.

MinneDemo has been the first place where aspiring Minnesota tech entrepreneurs have publicly shared a demo of their project over the past 10+ years. Many of these projects have gone on to become the most successful growth companies in the state of Minnesota backed by millions of dollars in venture capital.

Through my 12+ years of experience investing as an angel investor in Minnesota startups, and now full-time co-managing our new early stage venture fund Great North Labs, I will share with you what we are looking for before making an investment. Topics will include-
* Total addressable market. What is it and how to estimate your startups TAM.
* Team. Early stage VC's care about your team. What should you share and why.
* Traction/Product-market fit. At what point have you demonstrated enough progress to be ready for venture capital.
* Defensibility. At scale, how will your startup create a moat around it and produce a lasting, valuable business.

Bonus Topics (time permitting)-
* Pros and Cons of other types of funding sources
* Why stock options are a valuable tool for creating the right culture in your startup.

About 1/3 of the session will be left open for Q/A.

All levels

Rob Weber

Rob Weber is Managing Partner of Great North Labs, an early stage venture fund focused on helping founders launch and scale companies in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest region of America. Prior to Great North Labs, Rob co-founded NativeX (formerly named W3i/Freeze.com) in 2000. Rob has been a successful entrepreneur since the age of 16 when he, along with his brothers, launched their first e-marketing business. By the age of 20 the Weber brothers had turned their basement endeavors into a multi-million dollar business, and Rob became CEO.

In 2006, Rob shared the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award with his twin brother, and business partner, Ryan Weber. Rob was also named to the 2007 Inc. 5,000 CEO’s Under 30 list.

Rob received his B.S. in Entrepreneurship from St. Cloud State University. Rob has been one of the most active regional angel investors since 2005 when he co-founded the 32 Degrees angel fund. Rob previously served on the Board of Directors for Minne*, the 20,000+ member community of Minnesota tech enthusiasts.

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