🏫🏪Leasing (or buying) Commercial Space for your Business

by Tiffany L Brace | at MinneBar 14 | 1:55 – 2:40 in Pennsylvania | View Schedule

Are you currently searching for commercial space to lease (or buy) for your business or planning to start looking in the near future? Are you trying to decide if you should renew your current lease or look for a new space option? Are you contemplating seeking a real estate professional to help in your search, but are unsure how to find that perfect person to work with? Do you know what you should have prepared before you even start your search? Come and learn about all aspects of leasing (or potentially buying) commercial space for your business including all the resources you may need in support of this quest.

From incubators to co-working and flex to warehouse and office to retail - are you struggling with understanding the different space types and which is best for you? Are you trying to decide the best neighborhood for now and the future of your business? Do you know how business plans and strategies can or should affect your commercial space decisions today? Are you confused by terms like holdover, incentives, tenant improvements, or gross lease?

During this session I will break down what can often feel like an overwhelming process especially when you are running a business or trying to get one off the ground, all while juggling a side hustle and personal life! From search to negotiations to construction to the ribbon cutting ceremony, I will prepare you for every phase of finding the best digs for your business and brand and remind you how to have fun doing it!

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Tiffany L Brace

I am a passionate commercial real estate advisor with Element Commercial Real Estate working with a diverse portfolio of clients. Element is a commercial real estate advisory firm that provides development consulting and leasing services for owners and entrepreneurs in walkable urban neighborhoods. I am extremely customer-centric, steadfast and diligent in assuring that I understand my customer’s needs, wants and desires in order to get them in the perfect location to start and/or grow their business or investment!

I especially love working with start-ups, and entrepreneurs at any stage in their business. My approach is strategic - taking into account all of your potential needs now and in the future. I am also able to leverage partnerships to help you in any city you may need or want commercial space for your business. In addition I can help with other resources such as legal, lending, insurance, business plan, etc.