Delivering Smaller: Reducing Risk and Learning Faster

by Don Eitel | at MinneBar 14 | 1:00 – 1:45 in Challenge | View Schedule

Your mission is to deliver a whole sandwich to your stomach.

You have two options: - Shove the whole sandwich in your mouth - take bite size pieces until the whole thing is delivered

Which is the healthier choice? Seems obvious doesn't it? The same thing applies to how organizations and teams work. The problem is that the system is usually set up for shoving the whole sandwich in your mouth.

Let's talk about breaking down our work into bite sizes. What are the benefits? Where do we start?

We'll look at some examples of work that has been broken down and, if time permits, show a live example of how to break it down with participants in the room.


Don Eitel

Currently works at Veritas Technologies in Roseville, MN. Serves as a member of the Agile Practice Group and Scrum Master to three teams. Interested in systems thinking, our relationship with ambiguity, and always looking for ways to get to 'better.'