Google Tag Manager and Friends

by Lon Koenig | at MinneBar 14 | 10:20 – 11:05 in New York | View Schedule

Google Tag Manager can drastically reduce the time you spend managing marketing code requests for websites and apps.

This is based on a presentation for non-developers, but with a more technical focus for the Minnebar crowd.

This presentation assumes a basic understanding of Google Analytics

The focus will be on web and PWA implementation, although most features are available to apps as well.

GTM Can:
  • Make your life easier
  • Make your non-developer coworkers happy
  • Make you more popular at parties
GTM basics
  • General web implementation
  • WordPress
  • Apps
  • Migrating from existing Google analytics
Pre-packed goodies

GTM comes with many sorts of marketing and conversion tags already defined. You simply need to fill in the templates

Workflow, roles, version control and testing

Walk through the process of creating a tag, testing and deploying.

Teaching an old site new tricks
  • GTM can help enforce roles, permissions and accountability for code changes to an existing site
  • Add new sorts of tracking and even new features to existing site elements
Managing multiple sites

Show techniques for deploying a single customized container across multiple properties

Best friends forever
  • Google Analytics events
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Optimize
  • … and the rest

Lon Koenig

Lon Koenig is a communications technologist with a broad background in education, advertising, and games.

And he’s been at this awhile; writing his first programs on a teletype.

By day, he creates websites that scale, and manages Google Analytics and other integrations for commercial clients.

By night, Lon uses the constrained-resources skills he picked up “in the early days” to develop for Arduino and similar IoT microcontrollers.