Getting Your Way (Without Being a Jerk)

by Joelle Tegwen | at MinneBar 14 | 11:15 – 12:00 in Theater | View Schedule

At some point we’re all there: we want to get something done, we need others to accomplish it. But getting past differing opinions and competing self-interest is hard. How can we be more successful? We’ll cover some human traits and behaviors that keep us from reaching agreements and strategies to be more successful. You’ll have time to apply them to a situation in your own life giving you concrete actions you can use immediately. Psychology 1001 not required.

All levels

Joelle Tegwen

Joelle’s goal is to create an environment that supports and encourages high performing teams where they can learn and deliver value quickly. She promotes and advocates for an outcomes-based approach that supports teams finding the best way to solve their problems. Her focus on relationships and conversations bring people and their values front and center. She consistently looks for inspiration from other disciplines and industries.