Machine Learning in Sales and Marketing - Beating Google and Facebook at Their Own Game

by Marcia Stellpflug | at MinneBar 14 | 1:00 – 1:45 in Nevada | View Schedule

Machine learning is putting data once available to only the largest companies in the hands of smaller businesses. We'll discuss the impact that the ability to identify individual people that are in market for a product or service and run ads to all of their devices and email addresses on any online or offline channel has on winning sales and increasing profitability.


Marcia Stellpflug

Opportunity and fun lie in finding the gaps. Finding the opportunity that isn't addressed. Tailoring the product with the benefits that people wants and no one is providing. There is so much push to find someone who wants what we are selling, but if we can tap into what people want and then give it to them it pulls us forward at an astonishing pace. That opportunity becomes a rocket ship when combined with the right timing.

Spotting those gaps has led me on a wild ride of career. From acquisitions for a FMCG (fast moving consumer goods company) finding really cool technologies to turn into products. To connecting the technologies of several Silicon Valley startups to the unmet needs of some of the largest corporations. To the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina to real estate syndication during the last market downturn. And for the past 5 years riding the wave of opportunity selling products on Amazon. Which has led me to the biggest opportunity yet. Tapping into the power of people-based marketing and how it can give an exponential advantage of those who choose to ride the rocket ship.

I'm fascinated with the world of exponential technology and how it will transform every aspect of our lives. I've seen the pace of change accelerate in my own career trajectory. I'm fascinated with the shift of power from the large corporation to the individual (who is only beginning to realize it). Combining machine learning with a focus on addressing the unmet needs to the customer will transform sales and marketing going forward.