Creators + Money = R&D Tax Credits - Keep more of what you earn!!

by Lee Prinkkila - CPA, CGMA | at MinneBar 14 | 9:25 – 10:10 in California | View Schedule

If you are a Coder, Owner, Startup investor, or just have an idea to improve this place, then this class is for you.

Lee is at it again. He will create an exciting learning opportunity about the 1981 law that takes your R&D costs and puts them in your pocket.

The R&D tax credit is for taxpayers of any size that design, develop or improve products, processes, techniques, formulas or software.

It is calculated based upon 4 steps that but the IRS muddled it up with ambiguity and conflict and think you can do it in 25 hours.

I guarantee you will have fun learning tax law, or will not fall asleep....


Lee Prinkkila - CPA, CGMA

Lee's mission is to leave this place better off than he found it.

For over 20 years Lee has read the Tax code filed thousands of returns and audited many times and does the fractional CFO thing for startups, established companies, and even a publicly traded CFO for a spell.

As a CPA and Fractional CFO, Lee gets in and builds financial statements to comply with the tax code so you can keep more of what you earn. Then you can help more people with it. Lee specializes in designing the strategy for the R&D tax credits and help comply with the tax code - the ever-changing tax code. In his spare time, he writes articles for Tax Preparers and will this year start a series of training classes for CPAs across the country on leadership, speed and innovation in the tax preparers world after the tax reform changes and Wayfair.

To quote the rule of acquisition number 255 A wife is a luxury, a smart accountant a necessity.