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Enterprise & Startup Innovation - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

by Matthew Hurewitz and Jay Myers

Startups aren't just for college kids and garages anymore. Whether you are building an product at night and on weekends or you are a CEO trying to figure out how to compete at the speed of the competition, startups & innovation are more popular now than ever.

This session focuses on how to launch a startup. It will include how you find a problem, build an iterative MVP, influence and validate customer problem and validate a market. At a high-level, this process should be the same in startups and corporate enterprises, but in practice, it isn't. Companies of all sizes are trying to be more innovative than ever; the goal of this session is to talk honestly about how it is, how it could be, why it's that way and what you can do about it.

Matt and Jay have extensive experience innovating in both startup and enterprise environments. Collectively, both presenters have launched their own startups, attended startup incubators and worked in innovation at Best Buy.

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Matthew Hurewitz

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Jay Myers

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