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🤖 Live Coding on a Robot...with JavaScript

by Ben Edwards and Justin woo

This is a placeholder description for an amazing demonstration of using code (JavaScript or Python) for something other than a web browser or mobile phone. Hopefully, if there are enough interested folks, this can morph into a hands-on workshop later in the day, where you too, can code on a robot. We'll talk a little, hopefully, laugh, and then watch some live coding on a robot.

Like what you see? Interested? Want a challenge? Come by the follow-up session where you can get some up close and personal time with a Misty robot and try your hand at creating your own robot skills.


Ben Edwards

Ben is a catalyst to the various tech, design, and entrepreneur communities of which he is a part. He currently serves as Head of Community at Misty Robotics and was formerly Co-Founder of SmartThings, Minnestar, and Refactr. In addition, Ben is currently an Advisor at Great North Labs and a Board Member at Goodfolio, a non-profit based on the principles of effective giving.

Ben is particularly proud of his role in the genesis of the non-profit, Minnestar—fostering technology and startup activity in Minnesota since 2006.

Justin woo

This person hasn't yet added a bio.

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