🤖Robots as a Development Platform + Live Coding on a Robot...with JavaScript

by Ben Edwards, Justin woo, and Chris Meyer | at MinneBar 14

Check out this session if you are interested in the future of robots and how they may become the next platform for most software development to move to. The first half is big picture, non-Misty Robotics-focused and then a live-coding session will ensue...using code (JavaScript or Python) for something other than a web browser or mobile phone—you guessed it—on a robot.

Like what you see? Interested? Want a challenge? Stay for the follow-up session where you can get some up close and personal time with a Misty robot and try your hand at creating your own robot skills.

Plan on spending 2 hours with us and these very cute robots!



Ben Edwards

Ben is a catalyst to the various tech, design, and entrepreneur communities of which he is a part. He currently serves as Head of Community at Misty Robotics and was formerly Co-Founder of SmartThings, Minnestar, and Refactr. In addition, Ben is currently an Advisor at Great North Labs and a Board Member at Goodfolio, a non-profit based on the principles of effective giving.

Ben is particularly proud of his role in the genesis of the non-profit, Minnestar—fostering technology and startup activity in Minnesota since 2006.

Justin woo

This person hasn't yet added a bio.

Chris Meyer

Chris is currently the Head of Developer Experience at Misty Robotics where he focuses on creating excellent tools for programming robots. After his stint in the Bay Area working on behalf of companies like Disney, Peets Coffee, and Logitech he returned to Colorado for the 3rd time to build out his consultancy and start a Y-Combinator funded SaaS company. He then landed at Sphero where he managed the R+D group which eventually spun out to form Misty Robotics.

He loves solving problems, ergometers, and Surly beer.