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😃💥Your startup go's global - now what?

by Jeffry Brown

Explore the power of happiness, how it drives all aspects of wellbeing, and how it's influencing policy,economics, education, business and more. Plus you'll learn about a small Twin Cities startup that is going global, from startup to $2.5 million a month with one global contract, through happiness.

They have brought a happiness practice to a number of key companies around the globe giving those companies a competitive advantage over their competition. Through cultivating this competitive advantage addition benefits have been derived such as helping individuals reduce stress and burnout by discovering and developing authentic, inside-out happiness. In addition to achieving specific business objectives, you'll hear how happiness has created significant increases in engagement, innovation, resilience, customer satisfaction and other KPIs.

One of the early beta customers was in Finland and the results were so significant the government of Finland has agreed to a contract to bring happiness to the entire population. Yes really, from startup to $2.5 million a month with just one contract. But now what? How will they handle this growth? Come find out what they are doing and need to do to take advantage of this significant opportunity.

Finland was noted as the happiest country in the world by the United Nations global happiness report for 2018. Aren't you a little curious? If the happiest country in the world wants to make its citizens even happier don't you want to explore happiness for yourself? "Happiness is the innate ability to locate and cultivate serenity and excitement about your life regardless of outside forces."

And if you are already happy, the way this local startup is going global is a lesson in itself and will provide value to how you look at taking a product to market.

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Jeffry Brown

Jeffry Brown Executive Coach/Mentor Business/Brand Strategist
jeff@jeffrybrown.com 612 382-4005 http://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffrybrown http://twitter.com/#!/IdeaWhiz

THINK DIFFERENTLY - BE AN ENTREPRENEUR - CREATE HAPPINESS Every life is a story. My story includes many entrepreneurial adventures, some successful, some great learning experiences. What I can do for you, your business and your brand, is teach you how to standout, grow, transform, and be successful. Working with Steve Jobs at Apple heading innovation, I learned the value of creating culture and evangelism to create a market. I've started and led businesses, raised millions in capital, and helped new business grow and generate profit.

Today, I love helping entrepreneurs strategize on new go to market opportunities. I serve on the Board of SunRise Bank, Simon Says Give, GourmetWines.com, Trans Global Power, Experience Happiness, Upturnships and Givvor. Let's connect at minnebar.

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