Get Internet Famous or Die Trying

by Louis Abramowski and Shayla Christine | at MinneBar 14 | 11:15 – 12:00 in Discover | View Schedule

Once upon a time in a fairyland far far away, serial software entrepreneur “Hot Lou” helped children’s entertainer Twig the Fairy grow her Facebook audience to over 250k followers. Leveraging that audience, they self-published a line of children's books that would have landed them on the NYT Best Sellers list (had they not self-published) and a 6 figure business.

He later applied what he learned to help a billion dollar brands add millions of followers to their social media accounts, some non-profits add just their first 1000 followers, and everything in between.

Today, he’s helping local YouTuber Shayla build her channel & brand “Living on a One Way” to similar heights. With 50k subscribers on YouTube and 10k followers on Instagram, her audience is already bigger than most hope to build and it continues to grow fast.

Join them as they talk about the actual, applicable tactics you can use to grow a large audience on the internet, pitfalls to avoid, and ultimately how you turn that into everyone's favorite objective: monetization.

This session isn't just for those wanting to be famous. It's for anyone who wants to build an audience. Personal or big brands with audiences large or small will get a ton of advice that you don't hear anywhere else, along with plenty of time for questions that Lou and Shayla will be happy to answer openly and honestly.

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Louis Abramowski

Lou Abramowski or -- as he's known to many -- "Hot Lou" has spent the last 20 years building startups from (the biggest family management tool on the web) to 8thBridge (MN Cup 2009 Grand Prize winner, acquired in 2014) to today Evergreen (a social media automation tool for SMBs).

He's also helped build gigantic social media communities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, etc. for billion dollar brands like Jack Link's Beef Jerky and the Minnesota Vikings, to just a couple thousand for small non-profits like Simon Says Give, to hundreds of thousands for obscure children's entertainers like Twig the Fairy.

Outside of the software startup and marketing world, he's a national and world championship ultimate player and coach.

Shayla Christine

Shayla has been traveling and YouTubing full time since 2015 on her channel Living on a One Way.

She’s lead retreats in South America, taught yoga in the jungle of Costa Rica and to refugees in Greece. She's run Pub Crawls in Nicaragua, #vanlife on the west coast and for 2 months in New Zealand all while posting videos every single Wednesday! She’s grown her YouTube channel to more than 50k and wants to share what she’s learned on YouTube and social media with you! She understands the importance of YouTube as a search engine to grow your business and create a relationship with your audience before you even meet! She loves asking everyone what they're currently working on and brainstorming with them how they can do it!

You can find her at Living on a One Way on YouTube, Instagram Instagram and Facebook!

She also just created a new channel Hey Shayla to help people grow on YouTube and would love to connect with you