How to Build Better Betas

by Andrew Schneider and Nick Wellner | at MinneBar 14 | 2:50 – 3:35 in Tackle | View Schedule

There’s a lot of hype in startupland about the best way to beta test new products.

At When I Work, we beta tested two new products last year. What we learned during the first release made us more effective in our second, which resulted in two successful product launches and a practical playbook for how to launch better betas.

During this session, we’ll share the battle-tested tools and techniques we used to increase engagement, gather more data and build confidence about where to go next on the journey to a successful commercial product launch.

This session is for the entrepreneur or product team that wants to learn a practical guide to building better betas.

About the Presenters Nick Wellner (Principal Product Designer), and Andrew Schneider (Product Marketing Manager) were part of the team in 2018 that designed, built and launched two new products at When I Work - a scheduling, time tracking, hiring and messaging platform that helps hourly workers and businesses work better together.

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Andrew Schneider

I've been involved in the Minnesota startup scene for the last 10 years. Currently, a Product Marketing Manager at When I Work and previously worked at Zipnosis, Optum and the University of Minnesota's Venture Center. Majored in entrepreneurship at the University of Minnesota.

Nick Wellner

I help teams create products customers want, with interfaces they'll understand. I'm driven by the opportunity to deeply understand people and develop tools that make them more successful. I'm currently with When I Work, where I help our customers hire, track time, and communicate as a team. Read more on LinkedIn