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Software Correctness Tools

by Mark Gritter

Fuzzers, model checkers, and automatic test-case generators work. They find bugs; they expose security issues; they identify design flaws. So why don’t more people use them?

This session will be a tour of some of the tools available to automatically find correctness and security problems in software. We’ll talk about static analysis, property-based testing, and even automated proof assistants, and show real bugs that these systems have found. Come and discuss your experience with software correctness tools, or talk about the challenges you face in building and testing reliable software.


Mark Gritter

Mark Gritter is Chief Technology Officer of "Tintri by DDN", an enterprise storage company. Mark co-founded Tintri in 2008 and helped grow it to a 2017 IPO (and, unfortunately, a 2018 bankruptcy.) Previously he worked Kealia, a video streaming startup acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2004.

Mark's previous Minnebar presentations have covered topics such as correctness of algorithms, combinatorial auctions, scaling a startup, building a file system, and procedural content generation.

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