Intro to Microfinancing & How to Empower Entrepreneurs Worldwide

by Clark Varin | at MinneBar 14 | 1:55 – 2:40 in New York | View Schedule

What can you do with $200 in the States? Perhaps pay rent for a week, but in Haiti a man currently earning $2/day can buy a fishing net with that money and start making $20/day. An unemployed woman in Uganda can buy chicken, vegetables, and rice and start a local market. Or perhaps start a drug store and start selling condoms, tampons, and birth control to the women in her village.

During this session, you're going to hear the story of how a man in Uganda grew up as orphan and had to walk barefoot for 20 miles a day so that he could get an education and escape poverty. Fast forward 15 years and this man now runs a school and microfinance company to provide thousands of people in his village an opportunity to earn a higher income.

He has now teamed up with two Minnesotan entrepreneurs on a mission to provide economic opportunity to 1 million people in East Africa. Learn how the business works, how we're able to provide secure loans to even the poorest people in the world, and how we plan to 10X the economic growth of this Ugandan village within the next 5-10 years.


Clark Varin

A young Minnesotan entrepreneur whose biggest passion is to empower entrepreneurs. He does this in the states through mindset and marketing coaching and he pursues this passion worldwide through his microfinance bank in Uganda. Clark realized his passion for entrepreneurship when he was a college student and started his first business guiding his fellow students on high adventure camping trips all over the world. That experience taught him that entrepreneurship is all about turning your passion into your income, and with the right mindset, anyone can live the life that they want.