Build Your Own Peer Advisory Group (it's easier than it sounds!)

by Victoria Schanen | at MinneBar 14 | 11:15 – 12:00 in Florida | View Schedule

This session is for you if any combination of the following apply:

  • The existing professional groups you've attended discuss topics that simply don't pertain to the challenges you face (10X true if you work at a startup)
  • You have found yourself in need of professional advice from someone who "gets" your particular challenge(s)
  • You could benefit from not having to recreate a proverbial wheel
  • You want to learn about better tools, processes, practices, etc. and are happy to share your faves in return
  • You can envision a point in time when you may be ready to explore outside opportunities by tapping into a trusted network
  • Your organization may someday like to hire a top-notch professional by tapping into a trusted network
  • You know at least a couple of professional peers whom you admire and trust (and who are willing to put up with you for an hour a month!)

Come hear the story of how a few coffee meetings turned into a fully functioning peer advisory group for people operations professionals, the benefits this nascent group provides to its members, how it runs, and how you can build your own group too!

This session is being presented by: Heidi Balley (Director of Human Resources, InboxDollars), Kristin Dean (Vice President of People, Arctic Wolf), Natalia Trent (Chief Talent Officer, RightSource), and Victoria Schanen (Vice President of Talent, Kipsu)


Victoria Schanen

I am a recruiting and human resources professional specializing in startups. I grow, galvanize, and sustain strong companies. Opening doors for people to do their life's best work is my passion. On a volunteer basis, I co-lead a group called the People Operations Professionals of Minnesota, a peer-to-peer advisory group for recruiting and people operations (human resources) leaders working in high growth tech companies. Outside of work and volunteering, I am a comedy improv student, sometimes cyclist, and dance floor denizen.