SingularityU Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter Intro to Exponential Technology & Leadership

by Ryan Weber | at MinneBar 14 | 10:20 – 11:05 in Minnetonka | View Schedule

Singularity University is a diverse community focused on solving global problems using exponential technologies. Headquartered at NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley, and founded in 2008, there are currently 126 chapters in 63 countries. We believe that these technologies can create abundance for all communities around the world, and we pursue creating that abundance through leadership, education, and global grand challenges.

Humans evolved based on a linear way of thinking and so it’s difficult for most to imagine the impact that will come along with each of these technologies. There are currently about 20 exponential technologies have the potential to disrupt our lives as much as the internet and mobile did over the next 20 years. While disruption is certain, the future is up to us, to define how these exponential technologies impact the world. These are a few bold predictions being made by futurists/innovators:

– A colony will be built on the moon – 80%+ of the world’s energy consumed will use clean energy – 95%+ adoption of autonomous, electric vehicles – The majority of the known 30,000 diseases will be cured

Co-ambassador of the SingularityU Minneapolis-St.Paul Chapter and a graduate of Singularity University’s Executive Program, Ryan Weber is also a managing partner of St. Cloud-based Great North Labs, an early-stage venture fund and startup school.

Weber will present key takeaways from the Singularity University Executive Program that forward-thinking entrepreneurs and managers can use to plan for future innovation. He will also update local leaders on how the SingularityU Minneapolis-St.Paul Chapter is working to catalyze the region’s business and technology talent to produce global solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

The topics covered will include:

  1. Intro To Exponentials
  2. Inventory Of Exponential Technology
  3. Tools For Being An Exponential Leader
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Ryan Weber

Ryan Weber is the Co-Ambassador for SingularityU Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter and Managing Partner of Great North Labs. Previously, Ryan was Co-Founder/Chief Product Officer for NativeX (FKA Freeze and W3i), a digital media company that scaled to 170 employees, and offices in Silicon Valley and Minnesota.

Great North Labs invests in technology startups across any industry that are based, or have meaningful operations, in the upper mid-west. We have assembled a team experienced in scaling technology startups across a variety of industries, along with individuals with strong expertise in exponential technologies, so that we can help regional startups achieve greatness!