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Low-cost validation: what we've learned from helping 100+ startups.

by Austin Kettelhut and Joseph Schlichting

If you're serious about your web or mobile app idea, it's critical to prove it's viable before spending the big bucks to develop it. We'll share our proven framework to validate idea stage startups, a list of powerful yet low-cost validation tools you can use, and we'll interview local founders we've worked with to get an inside look at their idea stage tips and tricks.

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Austin Kettelhut

I am a writer, musician and entrepreneur. My mission and purpose is to inspire others to step outside of their comfort zones and to never stop fighting for what they believe in and I hope to do so by living this out in my own life. I believe that actions speak far louder than words I want to lead with my actions and let my words support them, not replace them.

Joseph Schlichting

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