The building blocks - why organizational structure sucks but wins

by Darrin Levine | at MinneBar 14 | 9:25 – 10:10 in Nevada | View Schedule

Every startup has those "gut check" and "oh no" moments. During this session, we are going to explore the fundamental steps that every founder and/or startup needs to determine in order to effectively build organizational structure. Additionally, we are going to discuss why and how startups and founders can win investments with a healthy organizational structure.

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Darrin Levine

In 2015-- I Founded the concept of what is now called, ASDAL. Here at ASDAL, Through the use of subscription-based software, we provide a robust Infrastructure with automation and reporting that allows brands to streamline management on Amazon & Walmart stress-free. Our Software will be open for public use August, 1st, 2019.

As a marketplace expert, I have successfully managed and launched small and large company accounts. I have brought in nearly 5.4 million for a 7-month project and 600K for a 4-month project, etc.. Between 2017 & 2018, and with the use of our software, my company ASDAL was responsible for 9 Million in managed revenue sales.

In 2018 & 2019 ASDAL was selected as one of the top 300 early-stage Startups to present at Startups Grind Global Conference powered by Google for entrepreneurs. In 2018, the national blacks in tech 'BITcon' selected ASDAL as one of the top 3 pitch contestants entering 2019. In 2019, ASDAL has been invited to exhibit at Collisions Global tech conference.

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