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The building blocks - why organizational structure sucks but wins

by Darrin

Every startup has those "gut check" and "oh no" moments. During this session, we are going to explore the fundamental steps that every founder and/or startup needs to determine in order to effectively build organizational structure. Additionally, we are going to discuss why and how startups and founders can win investments with a healthy organizational structure.

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My co-workers me a data wizard, but I am merely an Amazon and analytical junkie. I love combining software, creative strategies, and marketing. I am genuinely passionate about social movements and anything digital.

In 2015-- I Founded the concept of what is now called, ASDAL Inc workflow operations company specialized for the Amazon marketplace. I have brought in nearly 5.4 million for a 7-month project and 600K for a 4-month project, etc.. Between 2017 & 2018, my company ASDAL was responsible for 9 Million in client sales. In 2018 ASDAL was selected as one of the top 134 startups to present and Startups Grind Global Conference powered by Google for entrepreneurs. In 2018, the national blacks in tech 'BITcon" selected ASDAL as one of the top 3 monitory owned tech startups.

Before ASDAL I attended college at Western Tech, which after an exciting offer to play baseball while also joining another startup and building my own. I left college and spent a year within minor league baseball, which I later left to pressure running my company, ASDAL Fulltime.

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