Minnesota Computing Aesthetics: TIES to CDC Cybers to Apples to Macs to the Internet

by Mark McCahill | at MinneBar 12 | 8:45 – 9:15 | View Schedule

After taking up programming in BASIC when the first unsupervised Teletype 33 terminal arrived at Minnetonka West Junior High in the early 1970s, I've spent the next 45 years on a search for truth and beauty as world of computing evolved — with mixed results.

How do you get things done, and more importantly, get the right things done? I’ll tell you about some lessons that I learned the hard way.

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Mark McCahill

Mark McCahill has been involved in developing and popularizing a number of Internet technologies since the late 1980s.

McCahill led the development of the Gopher protocol, the effective predecessor of the World Wide Web, he was involved in creating and codifying the standard for Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) and he led the development of POPmail, one of the first e-mail clients which had a foundational influence on later e-mail clients and the popularization of graphical user interfaces in Internet technologies more broadly. He also coined the phrase "surfing the Internet.

He currently works as a systems architect at the Office of Information Technology at Duke University.

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