If Your Key Consumer Base is EVERYONE, You Are Wrong.

by Sarah Wick and Lisa Zufall | at MinneBar 12 | 11:15 – 12:05 in Florida | View Schedule

So often startups have a "sky is the limit" mentality and expend more energy than necessary making their product appeal to anyone and everyone who needs it. (Which is anyone and everyone, right?!) This session will be about refining that outlook and while everyone might need what you're selling, we will help determine who needs your product MOST and FIRST. We will help determine who your biggest fans are/will be, discuss different strategies on designing for and marketing to your A-Team, and have a collaborative discussion around these topics.

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Sarah Wick

I am a co-founder of idea2Launch, a St. Paul based company that helps startups, start up. My background spans from non-profit to direct to consumer retailers, to real estate. I do my best work when I'm analyzing businesses to determine and repair inefficiencies and help companies evolve. Additionally, I have started real estate teams, worked and found funding for non-profits, collaborated and developed brand and sales strategy for one of the largest brands in the world.

Sarah is a Scorpio, enjoys long walks on the beach, and is a UMN graduate.

Lisa Zufall

My journey with startups began in the mid 90's and my mission is to help those who are ready to bring their ideas to life.

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