Actionable Intelligence Infrastructure for Sensor Data

by David Herring | at MinneBar 12 | 10:20 – 11:10 in Texas | View Schedule

The path from "the edge" of a sensor network, where data are gathered, to the cloud, where data can be aggregated and actionable intelligence can be derived, is beginning to open up. Standards are emerging but the current state of the art is a bit like the wild west, with many proprietary formats and one-off implementations.

Those that can navigate this pathway and provide solutions that present data in a meaningful way can solve outstanding problems in control infrastructure management.

This session explores some challenges in gathering data and traversing the path of those data from sensors to the cloud. We'll look at how to debug when the hardware doesn't work and what tools are available to streamline the data pipeline.

We'll look at specific cases with examples of real hardware challenges and explore solutions along with the application of those solutions to interesting commercial problems.

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David Herring

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