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The Pirate Ships CPA unlocking a treasure in business

by Lee Prinkkila - CPA, CGMA | 9:25 – 10:15 in Texas | View Schedule

As a CPA (Cutthroat Pirate Accountant) for 20 years and worked with many startups, mid-sized and over 150 publicly traded companies throughout the world. I have bought them, sold them and even scuttled them by banks order.

My passion is business, all types and learning new things especially their secrets.

I have compiled them all into a treasure map - and eventually a sit-com - but it will be an entertaining tale of setting sail with many of the greatest pirate legends you never heard of yet.

We will learn the four things all successful business have in common, you will walk away with that mighty treasure trove of knowledge especially if you are a start-up.

Are you worried about the government catching you for not complying with the Stamp Tax? I can give you the keys to keep you out of the stocks by doing these two things.

Are you afraid of the sharks? Don't worry the lamprey are who you should fear. Sharks kill and eat you.

Are you afraid of the Crew Mutining? I can tell you the secret to that as well.

This is like a TED Talk given by one of the most extroverted CPA in the State who has spent years on an adventure he would like to share with you, except I can talk longer than 15 minutes. You will walk away with energy and the map to a world of secrets to be a successful startup.

Take Aways -
1. I can source out some Free Resources for your journey as I know all the good ports of call.
2. The inside scoop on financials the only thing you need to know - the things the auditors can tell you things about your company 3. Complimentary Spreadsheets -
4. Maybe Rum.

All levels

Lee Prinkkila - CPA, CGMA

A strategic Finance leader, who improves systems, controls and processes that facilitate growth and enhance profit. Understands the big picture and the brush strokes within it: - the science of finance, and art of deal making, which enable thought leadership and tactical execution for both acquisition and organic growth. Experienced in diverse finance roles for private and public companies in manufacturing, utilities, technology and service industries.

Leverages technology to guarantee pertinent data and clear metrics that enhance business decisions and ability to course correct. Adept at managing cash flow, contract negotiations and systems implementations to include: SAP, Oracle, NetSuite. As an active CPA, remain current on accounting rules and regulations, to include IFRS and China GAAP.

A collaborative, inquisitive and results focused leader who builds strong relationships internally and externally that aid communication and teamwork. Seeks inclusive input on critical issues and gains buy-in on action plans to successfully accomplish goals. Coaches team members to build skills and prepare for professional advancement.

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