Recruiting, Hiring and Maintaining Diverse Talent

by Erin Warhol | at MinneBar 12 | 12:10 – 1:00 in Gandhi | View Schedule

This session will bring both conceptual and specific strategies to achieve a diverse and inclusive workplace. We'll present about what it means to set and meet your goals, and about the different phases for the entire employment cycle from recruitment to off-boarding.

This session will be helpful for both hiring authorities who want to improve their organization's diversity, and employees without hiring responsibilities who want to help make their own environments more inclusive.

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Erin Warhol

Erin has led Information Technology and Information Security initiatives for 21 years for large corporations, K-12 and higher education, and start-ups. She also consulted for a risk management company that focuses on physical security, including intelligence and behavioral assessment. She also consults for small businesses and mentors in STEM.

She specializes in:

  • Third Party Security
  • Security Program Creation
  • Training
  • Risk Assessment and Threat Modeling
  • Management Strategies