Entrepreneur Mentorship - RSVTea an idea to product in the market in 6 months

by Jeffry Brown and Sarah Nichols | at MinneBar 12

In this session you will see the value of having a mentor through a case study of RSVTea, a new drink born as part of Macalester Collages Entrepreneurial program. Sarah Nichols a student in the program and her mentor Jeffry Brown will discuss how the concept turned from idea to product in the market in 6 months. Including investment, packaging and market acceptance. Think of RSVTea as a new good for you technology drink, the principals discussed in this session can be applied to any new product launch.

PLUS! you'll get to sample RSVTea

Mentors. They've been there, done that and have seen it all. Yet, a woeful number of entrepreneurs start their careers without one. In an age where instant gratification is glorified, it's unsurprising that many entrepreneurs and young founders do not seek out a mentor as hard as they try to find investors. In some cases they could be one in the same. While arguments abound on why entrepreneurs do not need mentors but should only follow their own instincts and gut feelings, most successful entrepreneurs are founders who had mentors.

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Jeffry Brown

Jeffry Brown Executive Coach/Mentor Business/Brand Strategist
jeff@jeffrybrown.com 612 382-4005 http://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffrybrown http://twitter.com/#!/IdeaWhiz

THINK DIFFERENTLY - BE AN ENTREPRENEUR - CREATE HAPPINESS Jeff has spent his career starting and leading businesses, after first working at Apple in that company's early years. At Apple, Jeff lead the team focused on setting a culture of innovation (the rest, as they say, is history!). From his experience at Apple, Nike, and other cutting edge companies, he’s been labeled a thought leader in customer satisfaction, helping to create market-leading strategies and cultures.

Today, Jeff inspires happiness in the personal and professional lives of leaders -- and we're all leaders of somebody or something! As the "Chief Happiness Yoda" at Experience Happiness, Jeff guides his team to create a competitive advantage for businesses through happiness. The Happiness Practice (THP) is an evidence-based mental health solution and a life-transforming and sustainable practice that mitigates and prevents stress and fear, while increasing happiness, mindfulness, and performance.

Sarah Nichols

I'm passionate about bringing people together and increasing global happiness levels. That's why I founded RSVTea, a fizzy tea company with a mission to revive the power of celebration. We're not on shelves yet, but stay tuned and direct message me or email sarah@rsvtea.com if you want to learn more about how we're starting up a new kind of tea party-- RSVTea: everyone's invited!