March Bashness

by Brian Dolan-Goecke | at MinneBar 12 | 2:00 – 2:50 in Tackle | View Schedule

Bash the most used shell ( and shell scripting language) in the World! Bash is holding the universe together... everything from systems startup to system shutdown and everything in between! I will step you into creating Bash scripts. Talk a little about how I build bash scripts and give you some pointer on how to make good bash scripts! So stop by and do a little March Bashness! Learn bash, do better bash, and keep the universe in order!

You can view the slides here:


Brian Dolan-Goecke

Brian Dolan-Goecke Hacking Un*x for 30 year, started on AT & T SYS VR3. Work as DevOps Engineer @ ReachLocal. Started and still participate in the Penguins Unbound Linux User group.