Vintage Macintosh Computing

by Joel Gerdeen | at MinneBar 12 | 9:25 – 10:15 in Discovery | View Schedule

I have been using Macintosh computers for 32 years and have accumulated over 50 Macs from the 1985 Mac 512k to a 2-year-old Mac Mini. If I had purchased all of these, I would have spent over $140,000 and probably be single. Friends have given me most of them. Recently, I decided to clear out some and refine my collection. I’m finding out that many don’t work anymore, most due to failed hard drives, power supplies or other electrical components. I have also accumulated over 800 floppy disks of software and data, again many of which are failing.

In this discussion, I will present my methods of dealing with this old technology. I will review my techniques of archiving old floppies, creating image files to restore from and managing the collection to find what I have. I will also discuss some new replacement hardware such as a floppy disk emulator and a SCSI controller that can store thousands of floppy images on a micro-SD card and replace the failed drives. In addition, I will provide information on methods to repair the old failed hardware and Mac OS emulation.

In addition, if there is time and interest, I can discuss my similar efforts with the TI 99/4 home computers.

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Joel Gerdeen

Many years of experience in all levels of computer technology from punch cards to SSD, from microcomputers to mainframes. Career in Engineering IT technology and management at three Fortune 100 companies. Published social media apps on Apple AppStore and Google Play. Collector of old Apple, Texas Instruments and other computers.

Active member of the Mini'app'les user group.