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Scale Up! Achieving Scale & Exit

by Kent Strand and Tim Bates

Achieving Scale and Exit are the least well understood and most important parts of being an entrepreneur.

For founders and leaders of emerging companies interested in skills and knowledge needed to maximize the probabilities that their company are among that successfully scale and achieve exit.

Developing scale is one of the most challenging aspects of starting a business or even of an existing one. And, most of the time, even after entrepreneurs scale to a saleable company, we fail to successfully exit. When we miss the ideal time to exit, the most likely end result is that the company will fail - completely.

This session will focus on why this happens so frequently and give you the skills and knowledge to maximize the probabilities that your company is among those that are ultimately successful.


Kent Strand

A pioneering Minnesota Tech Entrepreneur and successful NASDAQ senior leader. Kent is Managing Partner of Minneapolis-based Accredent – a national specialty advisory firm focused on the business of the Internet-of-Things and Data Analytics. A technology industry veteran with 33 years of experience - Kent founded a successful start-up after leaving university, and went on to serve as divisional GM and senior executive on the management teams of several disruptive and innovative NASDAQ companies which successfully achieved exit. For the past eight years, he has advised public and private technology and non-technology companies on growth strategy, digital transformation, business development and merger & acquisition. Kent also works with emerging companies through Accredent’s concierge Exit acceleration program focused on accelerating the growth, value creation, and value realization of companies preparing to scale.

see: accredent.com/busdev

Tim Bates

Founder of CST Research a company that works with startups and companies trying to leverage technology to grow their businesses.

I have has been involved with startups and young technology companies my whole career. I’ve worked with startups on multiple continents helping them bring to market computer graphic, advanced database, digital camera and e-commerce based products as well as developed Saas based companies and those that focused on developing internet security tools as well as IOT devices. I’ve help start these companies, raised money for them, as well as helped them determine and implement their go to market and exit strategies.