What’s the right way to learn (and teach) programming?

by Paul Cantrell | at MinneBar 12 | 3:00 – 3:50 in Minnetonka | View Schedule

What kind of education do programmers need?

Are code camps worth it? Is college worth it? Is self-teaching sufficient?

I’ll share insights from my life alternating between software freelancer and professor on how all of us — students, teachers, and professionals — should approach software education. There is no one right answer, of course. (The title of this talk is a trick question.) There are, however, ways of approaching education that make the effort worth it — no matter what kind of education you choose.

There will be some philosophy, some solid practical advice, and some discussion. I can't promise any magical easy answers. But I can at least help you get rid of that nagging feeling that you’re doing it wrong and everyone else knows something you don’t.

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Paul Cantrell

Paul fell in love with programming at first sight on an Apple ][+ and never looked back. He teaches computer science at Macalester College and is a freelance software developer (often with the fine folks at Bust Out).

Living a secret double life as a classically trained composer and pianist and artistic director of The New Ruckus, he brings a musician's passion for aesthetics and nuanced detail to the craft of writing software, thus making his bio sound all fancy.