Diversity & Inclusion - Let’s get started

by Jenessa White and Lanice Sims | at MinneBar 12 | 11:15 – 12:05 in Harriet | View Schedule

Acknowledging that there is a lack of recent year's biggest buzzwords, diversity and inclusion, is the first step. Yes, a lot of racism and exclusion is systemic, but because tech is a smaller community, we should be more comfortable holding each other accountable. When we do this we strongly believe what we learn will trickle back into the communities, workplaces, families.

This goal of this session is to discuss:

  • Why should you care about D&I?
    • In general? In tech?
  • We have to start talking about this (really talking)
  • Share experiences
  • What are your priorities?
    • Whatever company leadership focuses on or wants done, gets done. So once you make it one, it will happen.
    • This is a don’t talk about it, be about it type of issue.
  • Stop hiding behind “being introverted”
  • We(Marginalized groups) have to start showing up
  • Q&A:
    • What would you like to see at events? Strategies?
    • What actions will you take? What actions do you think we ALL need to take?
    • How do we scale inclusion to larger events?
    • We know there are some smaller groups that do this well, but how do we kick it up to the next level?
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Jenessa White

Jenessa White is a Front End Developer at Software for Good. She also is/has been a part of many local tech organizations. When she's not on the computer she doing CrossFit or playing Tight End for the Minnesota Vixen.

Lanice Sims

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