Leverage Improvisation to Unleash Creativity and Strengthen Teams...and Have Fun

by Brandon Wetzstein and Jim Barrett | at MinneBar 12 | 3:00 – 3:50 in Stephen Leacock | View Schedule

Improv has been described as “The art of not knowing what you are going to say or do and being OK with that.” Life and business don’t offer a script to follow and improvisation develops skills such as solving problems with no clear solution in sight. Truly innovative or disruptive ideas don’t come easy. Improv can help you generate ideas and work “without a net.” It is frightening for two people to walk on stage without any idea of what is going to happen and create something on the spot. But starting a business or launching a new product is exactly the same.

Improvisation can help you to generate more ideas, more creative ideas, silence your inner critic, think on your feet, trust your instincts and learn how to build trust with your team members.  This workshop will introduce you to how improvisers develop their skills and spark creativity.

This is not a lecture; you won’t be sitting there taking notes. We’ll push the furniture out of the way and get you on your feet. Come prepared to join in improv exercises all the while not knowing what will happen next.

Speakers: Jim Barrett & Brandon Wetzstein

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Brandon Wetzstein

Unlocking innovative and creative potential is my purpose.

I enjoy finding what methods, tools, and environments work best to help others communicate, create, and imagine together.

After working in big companies for most of my career, I started my own company, IN8 Create, to help teams think and work better through workshops and team building.

Outside of work, you can find me experimenting in the kitchen, finding the next amazing dumpling or burger spot, or reading a book about behavioral science and/or sci-fi / fantasy.

Jim Barrett

Jim Barrett is an, entrepreneur and improviser.    Currently working as a SalesForce administrator at Jamf Software. Jim has lead improvisation workshops at: WordCamp Minneapolis 2016, MinneBar 2015, Minnesota Product Camp 2014 & 2015, Drupal Camp 2015, Minnesota Association of Social Workers, CoCo Black Box Series, Hazelden Betty Ford, Minnesota Recovery Connection, Creative Healthcare Management and the State of Minnesota: Leadership Connection Workshop. He has improvised at the Minneapolis Fringe Festival, Huge Theater, Brave New Workshop and the Minnesota State Fair.