Class You're doing it wrong

by Kevin Stanton | at MinneBar 12 | 3:00 – 3:50 in Gandhi | View Schedule

I will be doing a deep dive talk into how using Public/Private/Protected when programming will make your code bloated in the number of cycles and how functional programming will actually reduce the amount of cycles it will take to execute what you wish to have your code perform.

I will be organizing my talk similar to Hey Underscore, You're Doing It Wrong! but focusing completely on Class, and Functional OOP


Kevin Stanton

Hey! My name is Kevin, and I’m excited you’ve found this kick starter campaign!</ br> I’m from Lino Lakes, Minnesota, home of the great Globe University, where I graduated in 2008 with a degree in IT, and studied both psychology and business as elective classes. A few years after my time working for US Navy Military Sealift Command I noticed that nobody seems to know how to have a genuine relationship through the help of priests, laity, ministerial standards, et al. Due to the drastic career change I decided to go to the Archbishop Harry Flynn Catechetical Institute to gain the credentials to speak on the topic of courtship. It was such an emotionally heartbreaking experience experience to know that people who say they're interested in someone don't know how to follow through with action for what they want!</ br> I am still single.</ br> High school, college, and adult life were all such formative times in my life; my mentors really helped shape my future individually. For this reason, my heart is forever close to those entering this awesome, but trying time in life. I only hope to give back in some small measure with the same generosity that was so graciously shown to me.</ br> Due to the emotionally heartbreaking time of people not knowing how to follow through, I decided to write a book straight from my heart, called “The Trial Marriage: Courtship”. Discerning Marriage can be complicated and breakups can be dramatic and just plain hard sometimes. The book is the fruit of observations, many conversations with men and women, and expert critique from many different stages in life. I am not an expert, and it’s not meant to be an academic book or even a research article. It’s this simple: if I could grab lunch with you, have a cup of coffee with you, or write a letter to you, this book is what I would want you to know about courtship. I wrote the book for both men and women, because we are all in this together.</ br> I hope you enjoy the book once it's shipped! Think of it as hope and encouragement for this crazy thing we call life! There is someone for you,</ br> Kevin Stanton