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So you don't hire Jr. Devs? Tell me more

by Jenessa White | 2:00 – 2:50 in Harriet | View Schedule

So you don't hire Jr. Devs? Tell me more thanks Matt D =)

Junior Developers are the next generation of developers, just like children are the next generation of adults. So why is it that companies and more experienced developers seem to be anti-juniors?

This goal of this session is to discuss:

Why junior developers are important, necessary and amazing.

Learn about how we junior devs can market ourselves as assets.

How we can foster a company culture that embraces junior devs.

Learn why the hell people say they don't hire junior devs.

I'm hoping to facilitate a positive discussion about different experiences and thoughts on junior devs.

If you've been a junior dev, are no longer a junior dev, are a hiring manager, or just have opinions -come through!


Jenessa White

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