Misophonia - Coping With a Hatred of Sounds

by Adeel Ahmad | at MinneBar 12 | 9:25 – 10:15 in Georgia | View Schedule

Do the sounds of throat-clearing, coughing, eating fill you with intense rage?

Misophonia is a neurological condition where certain sounds trigger intense fight-or-flight feelings in the person affected.

It has finally been gaining acknowledgment in recent years in the media as sufferers are finding each other online and the community grows. See below for links to recent articles.

It can be particularly difficult for sufferers working in open-concept style offices that are popular in the tech community.

If you think you suffer from misophonia, join me for a safe, support group style session.

This session is obviously niche but if this description resonates, it will resonate strongly.

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Adeel Ahmad

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Founder/Principal at Lab 1908, a startup studio in St. Paul.

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