Speaking SAPenese. AKA: the largest bank of IT jobs you've probably never heard about or considered

by Amber Christian and Paul Modderman | at MinneBar 12 | 12:10 – 1:00 in Florida | View Schedule

Do you speak SAP? For many, it seems like learning Klingon would be easier. Attend this session to hear from two SAP industry veterans that have spent the majority of their careers working on SAP technology. How did we get into the industry, what do we actually do, and could you do it too? Where are we and our industry headed? Join us for an interactive conversation about all things SAP.

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Amber Christian

SAP Techie at heart, and not afraid to admit it. I've spent my career working with companies in the Fortune 1000- implementing systems, reengineering processes, and adopting SAP platforms. This little SAP thing has taken me around the world- implementing for over 40 countries to date. I also host the Thriving at the Crossroads podcast for fun.

Love my day job, but a big fan of start-ups as well.

Paul Modderman

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