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MN Bot Makers Bot Out

by Troy Strand and Eli Krumholz

Bots are software that automate a task. Chatbots automate a conversation, and they work inside the world’s most popular apps. That makes them (and the A.I. the drives them) the NEXT BIG THING.

MN Bot Makers (link) is a brand new Twin Cities-based Meetup group that gathers botists who like botting out so we can all get down and bot out together. It's sponsored by Minnedemo 24 alum Raisable.co and their chatbot Max, who makes smart crowdfunding super simple.

Join us for a look at how we designed Max as the ultimate "Lean Startup" M.V.P., share your own cool bot projects, and help chart a course for future meetups around this fast-growing space.

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Troy Strand

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Eli Krumholz

Founder of @raisable, fullstack developer, PhD in computational systems biology.