Make Lifelong Clients in Just 30 Seconds (People & Personalities)

by David ​Dubé | at MinneBar 12 | 3:00 – 3:50 in Nokomis | View Schedule

The quality of your life is dictated by the quality of your communication skills. The better communicator you are the more opportunities can be opened to you. Learn to better connect with people; whether they've always been in your life or you're just meeting someone for the first time. In this course you will learn personality types, learning styles, communication styles and how to put it altogether to better connect with anyone.


David ​Dubé

In 2004 David saw a need for better relationships in the workforce and created his first course How to Make Lifelong Clients in 30 Seconds where he taught businesses and sales organizations how to cultivate relationships quickly and easily through his personality typing methodology. Since beginning David has expanded his teachings to how to deal with difficult people, cultural personalities, negotiating, influence through NLP, mindsets and much more. He has also co-authored the book HD Mindset with his good friend and business partner Anthony Verderame and co-founded [] with David Hold, a healthcare and business attorney.

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