Meaningful Motion : Make the Transition!

by Brian Yencho and Sean Weiser | at MinneBar 12 | 12:10 – 1:00 in Stephen Leacock | View Schedule

With the advent of Material Design it is becoming increasingly more important to provide transitions with meaningful motion that surprise and delight. We’ll be reviewing some recent tools---including Scenes and the now-backported Transition framework---and offering an in-depth case study on how to approach building a very challenging transition.


Brian Yencho

Brian is an Android Developer with Livefront and one of the hosts of TC Mobile Hack Night ( With a Ph.D. in theoretical particle physics, he brings his desire for deep understanding and love of problem solving to every project.

Sean Weiser

Sean has more than fifteen years of mobile and web development experience. Currently he is a software developer at Livefront, focusing on Android development. He also helps out with TC Hack ( with some of the others from Livefront.