Ansible Automation Best Practices From Startups to Enterprises

by Keith Resar | at MinneBar 12 | 4:00 – 4:50 in Challenge | View Schedule

Ansible is the Swiss Army knife of DevOps, capable of handling many powerful automation tasks with the flexibility to adapt to many environments and workflows. Not all approaches are created equal though. Don't let yours undermine the simplicity and power of Ansible. Based on actual experiences helping Ansible users, we'll show you what to do, and what not to do, to create the most reliable, resilient, and easy-to-manage solutions.

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Keith Resar

Keith Resar is a consumer of and contributor to open source. While at Red Hat and Ansible, he's consulted with dozen's of organizations helping them successfully implement IaaS, PaaS, and automation.

His most active project is, which takes the guess work out of scheduling appointments, interviews, and product demos. Once the entire team’s calendar is visible, phone tag and double booked meetings become a relic of the past.