Mad Science with Tracery

by Mark Gritter | at MinneBar 12 | 10:20 – 11:10 in Gandhi | View Schedule

Tracery is a language for generating random text based on a grammar you specify, with implementations in JS, Python, Ruby, and Twine. It has been used to create a wide variety of content, from Twitter bots to dialogue in games to SVG graphics. Tracery itself is just JSON, so you can write Tracery code that outputs Tracery!

Bring your laptop, and this quick introduction will have you writing your own procedurally-generated content in no time!


Mark Gritter

Mark Gritter is Vault Advisor at HashiCorp, his third startup experience. Previously, Mark co-founded Tintri, an enterprise storage company, in 2008 and helped grow it to a 2017 IPO (and, unfortunately, a 2018 bankruptcy.) Before that he worked at Kealia, a video streaming startup acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2004.

Mark's previous Minnebar presentations have covered topics such as correctness of algorithms, combinatorial auctions, scaling a startup, building a file system, and procedural content generation.