What the &#%!@? is Product Management?

by Adrienne Peirce and Jeff Meier | at MinneBar 12 | 11:15 – 12:05 in Theater | View Schedule

There are a lot of approaches, philosophies, titles, roles, organizational structures out there for this thing we call PRODUCT.

Is the Product Manager CEO of the product?

Is Product the intersection of Business + UX + Technology?

How does it work at Apple/ Google/ Facebook/ Amazon/ my favorite local startups?

Let's discuss.


Adrienne Peirce

I'm a Senior Product Manager at (sort of) local software startup, Credly, which was recently acquired by Pearson. I'm also a former board member of Minnestar. I'm a productivity tool enthusiast, a beekeeper, an excellent nerd-joke artist, and a devout supporter of this tech community.

Jeff Meier

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