Local Dollars. The Impact of Local Investing.

by Patrick Donohue | at MinneBar 12 | 2:00 – 2:50 in Texas | View Schedule

If you are interested in: impact investing, place-based investing, books such as "Locavesting, "Local Dollars, Local Sense", let's get together and have a conversation.

Potential Points of Discussion: - what is impact investing and specific examples - where to look for local investors - ways to raise capital in a local or regional market - what is Mission-Related Investing and Program-Related Investing and who is doing it - what local organizations are actively promoting investments in local businesses - where and how is local investing happening in our region - what questions do you have? - what insights can you come and share?

This is a group discussion will be led by a panel active in local investing. We will ask for points of discussion at the beginning and throughout the session. Please come prepared to ask questions AND participate in the conversation.

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