Our Workforce's $550 Billion Dollar Problem

by Josh Thelemann | at MinneBar 12 | 10:20 – 11:10 in Florida | View Schedule

"A mere 30% of all employees are engaged at work according to Gallup. It's no surprise then that the US sees $550 billion in lost productivity each year. That's not to say however that something can't be done.

In a recent study by the Harvard Business Review they found companies that invest in meaningful employee experience experienced 4x profitability than those that did not. Furthermore, in a study done by Forbes, diverse teams outperformed non-diverse teams by 35%. In fact almost 60% of all current employees wish their employers were more diverse.

The modern workforce looks much different than it did in previous years and the expectations of how a modern workforce should function are vastly different than the were even a generation ago.

This session will focus on the current landscape of the modern workforce (including Gen-Z whose first members are getting ready to join the workforce after this summer) and why you need to be focusing on inclusion and engagement if you're to remain relevant.

We'll address the $550 billion dollar problem, talk about some solution and provide a few simple activities that you can begin to incorporate on Monday to begin fostering a healthier work culture."

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Josh Thelemann

Josh Thelemann, co-founder of 26 Letters, leads business development. His work building and fostering relationships across many communities began when he found his first non-profit, Save Our Schools, in 2011. Since then, Josh has helped start New Leaders Council - Twin Cities, which is a cross-sector, leadership institute for young professionals; he has founded two other entities in the private sector. He has served on several for-profit and non-profit boards and committees with a bevy of focus areas. In wearing these many hats, Josh has witnessed first-hand the need for growth in Diversity, Engagement and Inclusion in the public, private and academic arenas.